Justine was born in the Philippines on a U.S. Air Force base but grew up in Boise. She has a big appreciation for culture and the military. Justine received her Bachelor's Degree in Biology (Human Emphasis) From Boise State University in 2012. She is currently working on her  medical career as well as running her business, Capes & Crowns. Justine has always wanted to work with children and volunteers her time to organizations that are centered primarily around children and animals. Aside from seeing Justine in princess outfits, you can also find her in shorts and a t-shirt on a basketball court or in cultural outfits dancing for Maharlika. In her spare time, Justine enjoys spending time with her family and friends, in a good book, traveling, and hanging out with her 2, very loving, pitbulls. Justine credit God, her parents, brother, boyfriend, family and friends for all the happiness and success she has achieved so far.

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