When she isn’t in the company of princesses, Paige is training giraffes or feeding Giant Flemmish Rabbits at Zoo Boise. A volunteer of almost 7 years, the zoo is Paige’s home away from home and if she is ever missing, check at the hornbill exhibit; she will most likely be talking to the birds in true princess fashion. Paige is attending Boise State University in pursuit of a Bachelors in biology and a minor in psychology. At home, she lives with her cat Oliver, her ball python Wanda, and her bearded dragon Kiwi because she has to have her own zoo at home as well. Trading in Paige’s zoo uniform for a ball gown is a truly magical transformation that she loves. Paige loves being a performer for Capes and Crowns for many reasons, but her favorite part is helping to remind people that anyone can be a princess and a prince if you find the magic in your heart.

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