By booking with us you are agreeing to the following policies:

  • Cancelation Policy: Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. For parties and events you may be refunded in full (not including your deposit), as long as a cancelation is made at least 1 week beforehand. If a cancelation is made within the week of your event, you may receive a 50% refund (outside of your deposit). If a cancelation is made 48 hours or less before your event, you will not receive a refund. 

  • Rescheduling: If you choose to reschedule for a later date, you may do so at no extra charge IF the reschedule is requested 2 weeks or more before your original booking date. If it is less than 2 weeks before the original booking date when the request for a reschedule is made, you will be charged an administration and rescheduling fee, which will be calculated at that time.

  • If our employees feel they are being threatened, harassed, or put in an uncomfortable situation, they are free to leave immediately, and no refund will be given. They may or may not give a behavior warning before they leave.

  • Please make sure there is room for games and activities at your party or event location.

  • Children are not allowed to be without parental supervision at any point during our events. Please remember that our characters and their handlers are entertainers, not childcare providers.

  • Keep the magic alive! Please encourage guests to pretend along with our characters, even if they are old enough to know that our princesses and heroes are simply actors. If a child or adult tries to ruin the magic, our characters are trained to answer questions, but may choose to ignore those trying to ruin the magic to focus on those who do believe.

  • We always do our best to get through all the games and activities we bring, however it is not always possible. If the children are loving a certain activity, our characters may decide to play it longer, and not do another activity that they feel the children would not be as interested in. Or if the children are most excited to talk and bond with our characters, this may cut into game time! If you would like all games, or certain activities to be played, please let us know beforehand!

  • Please make sure there is parking available close to your event. We will need room for one car for each character you have hired, plus one more for our character assistant.

  • If a guest or family pet damages costumes or party supplies, the customer may be subject to pay for repairs or replacements. 

  • Characters will park their cars discreetly so children do not see something that may ruin the magic, like a princess driving a Honda! Please do not let your children follow the characters back to their car.

  • Actors are subject to change. We can guarantee a certain character will arrive, but cannot guarantee the actor playing that character.

  • Although all our activities are "low-risk", Capes & Crowns is not liable for any guests or customers injured during a party or event.

Not following our policies can result in fees, cancelations, or refusal of refunds.